Since more than 64 years the Gliding Club Dittingen organizes Air Meetings on its airfield Dittingen..

Founded in 1933 the Gliding Club Dittingen is based on the Airfield Dittingen. As the unique Airfield in the Canton Baselland it is well known not only by pilots but also by many aviation aficionados in Switzerland and bordering countries. Many pilots are reminded on an aircraft carrier when approaching our runway located on top of a Jura-Plateau.

The mission of our club is foremost directed to the beautiful sport, gliding. Our well-trained and experienced instructor team teaches new pilots in the art of gliding. It is one of our declared goals to make gliding accessible to everybody. Pilots flying in Dittingen are a mix of students, apprentices and adults of all age with various backgrounds. The club offers to its members a large and modern fleet of gliders.

Besides gliding as an exciting and fantastic spare time activity we successfully practice it on a competitive level. While a hobby pilot enjoys the unique experience of nature, a competition pilot fights for kilometers, seconds and ranks. The goal of such a competition is to get around a course predetermined by the race jury as fast as possible, supported only by the forces of nature (thermals, wave and hang-wind). Such tasks go often over several hundreds of kilometers.

Our encouragement and support for young pilot pays off: A number of our pilots participate with excellent results in various national and international competitions e.g. one of the members of the Swiss Junior Gliding Team belongs to the Gliding Club Dittingen.

As the acquiring and operation costs of gliders are rather high our club relies on the voluntary efforts of the club members. The maintenance and operation of our infrastructure (airfield and gliders) require a lot of work and enthusiasm. The operation of our own club restaurant during the gliding season and the organization of the Air Meeting Dittingen are of vital importance for our club.

It is impossible to organize an event of the magnitude of the Air Meeting Dittingen alone with a club of our size. Luckily we can count on support from our families, friends and various local clubs from Dittingen. Nevertheless we highly depend on the engagement of sponsors. More than 10’000 visitors and a wide presence of TV, Radio and the Press provide our sponsors an attractive platform to promote their products and services.
Use this opportunity!